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Human Resource Outsourcing

At Cook & Co we understand that Human Resources management can be complex and time consuming, so we make it simple and save you valuable time.


We can offer you a comprehensive human resources service or you can use our expertise in the selected areas in which you need help.

Human Resource services provided by Cook & Co include:

Employment Legislation

  • We work with you to ensure implementation of Human Resources policies and procedures that operate within the current legislative framework.
  • We constantly monitor legislative changes and legal rulings that may impact on your existing policies and procedures.
  • We will advise you on how best to work within the legislation, and how to avoid any potential negative effects.
  • Should a potential problem arise we offer an advisory service that will explain your options and suggest strategies to minimise negative impacts on your business.

Employment Recruitment

  • Recruiting the right people for the right job is essential to the success of your business.
  • Cook & Co work closely with you to get to know your business, each role, and the skills, talents and personality best suited to join your business.
  • We can undertake as much or as little as you require in the recruitment process, including sourcing candidates, screening, interviewing, managing all contacts with candidates, helping with hiring decisions, reference checks and more.

Pyschometric Testing and Selection

  • Cook & Co believe in using the most effective methods to ensure the right person for the right job. This is more than just having the right skills, it includes having the right personality and work ethic.
  • Our selection process includes behavioural-based interviewing, work-based samples and realistic job previews.
  • Combined, these methods take the guess work out of selecting the right candidate.

Staff induction, Training and Performance Reviews

  • Cook & Co help you foster a work environment to minimise conflicts, encourage open communication and promote a harmonious, efficient workplace.
  • We can set up and implement induction and training programmes specific to your business so new and existing staff have the right information, thoroughly know all systems and are fully aware of their roles.
  • Cook & Co can put in place performance review procedures to ensure staff are performing their roles efficiently, that they have the right training and are fully aware of all workplace systems

Employment Relations

  • Conflict can have a devastating affect on a workplace.
  • Cook & Co can work with staff, employers, managers and business owners to put in place strategies to minimise the chance of conflict arising, and to mediate to help resolve conflict if it does, to achieve the best outcome.
  • We are skilled in helping all team members learn interpersonal skills to so workplaces are efficient and conflict free.

Restructuring and Exit Strategies

  • Cook & Co can work with you to implement a restructuring or exist strategy that provides the best outcome for the employee and business owner.
  • We ensure any restructuring and exit strategies are fully compliant with all legislative requirements.